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Quang Dương tuyển dụng

Head office Quang Duong

Kỷ niệm thành lập hội VASEP

Anniversary of VASEP

Hệ thống lạnh GEA grasso

GEA's compressors for industrial Refrigeration

Hệ thống xử lý nước sạch.

Water supply and discharge

- Provide water treatment system
- Consulting system design
- Environmental Impact Assessment

Xử lý nước thải ô nhiễm



Welcome to Quang Duong website!

On the occasion of our 18 years anniversary (2000-2018), we launch this new website interface to replace the old one with the reason to help you to have a briefly overview about our company. This new website has been fully functioned from Products to technology, along with video clips and photos to give our customers best support and information as possible. .

With long term relationship business partner such as: SOFPAC, GEA Grasso, RIX… and hundreds of close customers. We confidently bring to you advanced technology equipments, saving-energy products, and industrial system. Along with Sofpac’s slogan:” It’s what you should expect from your water”.

We really want to honor and thank you our fellow customers who put their trust on our distributed products and systems. Thank your for visiting our website and we are looking forward to your feedbacks or questions.

Best regards.,

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refrigeration, sludge treatment, water treatment, electronic residue treatment